Translation service:

The rate may vary according to your specifications, i.e. the type of document to be translated, the wordcount, the deadline, the context, the reference material, etc...

Proofreading and editing services:

As the time needed to proofread or edit highly depends on the quality of the translation and the degree of difficulty and specialization of the text, an hourly rate is applied.


A quick answer needed?

To get a quick (generally within a few hours) and detailed answer regarding a translation (how much time it will take, how much it will cost), please provide the following information by email:

  • Number of words to be translated, or ideally the file(s) to be translated
  • Requested deadline (and time zone)
  • Requested delivery format
  • Specific requirements if any (i.e. software to be used, compliance with a glossary, compliance with a website, etc...)
More information is also welcome, for instance:

  • Style guide
  • Background information about the documents to be translated
  • Information about your company
  • NDA/confidentiality agreement
  • Information about the terms of payment
  • Any other relevant information